Open Access System

What is Open Access?

Open Access is defined as the free public disclosure of scientific literacy via the Internet without financial, legal and technical barriers, accessible, readable, recordable, copyable, printable, scannable, full text linkable, .

Why Open Access?

Frees Scientific Knowledge by removing the obstacles to Pricing and Licensing.
"Fair Use" right.
It increases the scientific impact by increasing the recognition and visibility of the worker.
It increases the citation rates.
It allows researchers to look at the literature from a broader perspective.

What is Corporate Archive?

They are electronic archives that allow teaching objects and other work to be obtained by anyone without the permission of the author or institution without any financial or technical hindrance.


Aksaray University Corporate Archive and Open Access System


As Aksaray University Library, scientific studies (such as articles, conference notifications, educational materials, graduate and doctoral theses) produced by the university are being archived and open accessing studies are carried out in line with legal provisions and with permission from the authors.

Storage of institutionally produced information, protection and transfer to future generations,
Providing quick and easy access to work by large masses,
By increasing the visibility of the studies, it will be ensured that they are placed in the front row in the university publication sequences.