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Passport, international comparable statistics, full-text market reports and industry

Is a global intelligence system that provides integrated access to real-time news analysis provided by country experts.

  • Easy market comparison for 30 different sectors
  • Detailed reports on trends and developments in 100 national markets
  • Given 40 years of 15-year forecasts
  • Monthly global sector briefings, featuring the latest trends
  • Over 8,000 national and international company profiles and current financing
  • Daily comments and real-time news on the latest industry developments
  • Supply-side trends Analysis of sector structures including production and trade
  • Global commercial structure assessment new investments product development
  • Markets sectors competitors firms consumer behavior supply chain analysis
  • Accessible and easily manipulated data
  • Comparable standardized reports and analyzes on a country basis
  • 5000 + products and services, 115 + million data points 25,000+ textraporu