About the Library


   Our Department, in the framework of the vision of our university "Aksaray University is to be a partner of useful information and innovation that can be produced at universal level"; It was established with the aim of fulfilling the mission "to focus on the needs of all stakeholders and to train qualified human power in accordance with these needs" and to provide all necessary documents and information and fulfill the other duties at the highest level. It was accepted by Aksaray University Senate on 26 March 2009 Aksaray University Library Services Directive.
In fulfilling this purpose; "Providing effective and efficient resource utilization with the help of current information technologies in line with the strategic plans and objectives of our university with a contemporary management approach based on participation and productivity and to make continuous improvements in accordance with the quality management system requirements in our services and activities and to increase the satisfaction of our stakeholders to the highest level. Politics.
            RFID Intelligent Library System was purchased and offered in 2014 in order to provide faster and more qualified services to our users and to provide the highest level of security of our collection.
Along with the "Database", "Electronic Book" and "Electronic Magazine" concepts that take place in printed publications and theses together with developing technology in the world and our country; Our library has also provided many database, e-book and electronic magazine subscription or trial access methods to enable its users to access the resources in electronic environment.
In our library, printed resources are offered using open shelf system. Classification of books is done according to the Library of Congress Classification. The Procedure Automation System is used for cataloging the books.